1. The gold to be exported shall be delivered by the exporter to PMMC, for assaying on the day of export. For unsmelted gold a day before the day of export. The gold should be accompanied by a letter identifying the exact address of the recipient and airline.
  2. PMMC shall issue an Assay Invoice which will indicate the weight and the purity of gold being exported.
  3. The gold to be exported shall be sealed and secured in metal/wooden specie boxes on the day of export by PMMC in the presence of the following group of officers.
    – Ghana Customs Officers
    – PMMC Officials
    – The Licensed Gold Buyer who has requested for the gold export.
  4. PMMC will complete the Bank of Ghana and Ghana Customs Excise and Preventive Services export documents on behalf of the licensed Gold Buyer.
  5. The exporter will be required to supply the full address and the telephone number of the overseas destination of the export.
  6. PMMC will be responsible to transport and insuring the gold to Kotoka International Airport, Accra for delivery to the airline.
  7. The exporter and the Overseas Buyer shall be responsible for the insurance and airfreight charges of the gold to be exported from the KIA.


The gold to be exported will be accompanied by the following documents:

PMMC Assay invoice which will indicate:-

  • ACG Purity (i.e. Gold content)
  • Quantity in ounces and kgs
  • Value in both US Dollars and local currency  (The value of the gold will be based on the spot price of the London Metal Exchange (LME) on the day of export.)
  • Bank of Ghana Export Documents
  • Customs export documents

Funds in US Dollars representing the export value of the gold should be repatriated into the country.


PMMC fees for the export of gold are:-

  • Shipment  charge $250 if the gold is below 1Kg
  • Shipment charges- 0.50% of the export value of the gold
  • Assay charges : – $25.00 per bar of 5kgs
  • Smelting charges: – $10 per kg. of gold

These fees are payable on the day of export of the gold.

Third Party Shipments

As required by Government policy, the company exports gold on behalf of third parties for a commission. Individuals and Local Buying Agents can export their gold to any destination through PMMC for an approved charge of 0.50% of total value of gold to be exported.